Giving hope to the hopeless, and showing mercy to the merciless.

Mercy M2 international® relieves the world's humanitarian crises through global missions.

If you find a hurt, heal it! If you find a need, fill it!

We help children grow to become leaders in their communities, nations, and around the world.

Mercy M2 International® gives hope to the hopeless, and shows mercy to the merciless.

If you find a hurt, heal it! If you find a need, fill it!

Mercy M2 International® is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that provides food, education, housing, and clothing for children living in poverty.

We build relationships with indigenous communities, churches, and country officials to serve as a helping hand and to ensure the success of children who are living in poverty-stricken regions.

Our mission is to manifest God’s mercy and love by meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people.

We support economic development for women to earn a living, nurture orphans, and lead their communities to Christ.

We touch the lives of the ‘least of these’.

We minister to inmates–men and teenage boys–who are seeking forgiveness.

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